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Gas and Boiler Leaks

No one desires to have a leaky boiler. First, leaky boilers are highly inefficient, meaning that your monthly bills are likely to higher than usual. Secondly, leaky boilers might stop functioning and that means you are likely to lack hot water for some hours or days, depending on how fast you get your boiler repaired. Fortunately, Eco Efficient provides excellent solutions to homeowners battling with gas and boiler leaks. For many decades, the company has been offering top quality services to the Lancaster residents and the neighbouring regions.

Gas leaks are dangerous and can result in deaths and loss of property. When flammable gases get exposed to sparks or fire, a violent explosion is inevitable. This is the main reason we always advise our customers to turn off the gas main supply whenever they detect gas leaks. You shouldn’t attempt to fix the leak on your own because you might not do it efficiently. Instead, you should contact Eco Efficient and let us help you fix the hitch.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is another impact of faulty boilers. One thing you should know is that carbon monoxide is a tasteless gas and has no smell. This is one of the primary reasons it’s known as silent killer. When inhaled in large quantities, the gas can cause death. To be on the safe side, you’re advised to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. That means you can detect even small quantities of carbon monoxide and contact an expert in time.

At Eco Efficient, our primary mission is to provide excellent gas and boiler leaks solutions to our clients. We understand that different homes suffer different levels of gas and boiler leaks. While you might not entirely control the possibility of instances of gas and boiler leaks in your home, you can respond to such issues in time and in the best possible way. Our highly qualified engineers offers our clients better ways of responding to gas leaks at home.

To take the quality of the services we offer a notch higher, we have invested in the latest technology, tools, and equipment. Our team of engineers can access every tool or information they require to offer boiler servicing, boiler installation, boiler repair, central heating installation, and other related services. Our engineers analyses the situation that requires their attention. This helps them to understand the level of damage that might have occurred on the gas pipes and then determine the right approach to fix the hitch.

Since our services are offered by professionals, you can be assured that we don’t do guess work. Besides, we don’t outsource our tasks to a third party. You will even get a chance to interact with our engineers as they work. They will also discuss a few details about the task to be done and also keep you updated about the entire project.

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